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Daecheong Island Desalination Equipment Project


Krosys was awarded the "Daecheong-do (Okjuk-dong, Seonjin-dong, Molaeul-dong) desalination equipment" bid by the office of waterworks, Incheon Metropolitan City and the project (Period: February 24th, 2020 ~  February 22th, 2021) was completed successfully.

In order to safely supply drinking water to the residents of Daecheong-do, we have supplied, installed and commissioned salt removal equipment with capacities of Okjuk-dong (370 tons/day), Seonjin-dong (180 tons/day) and Molaeuldong-dong (50 tons/day) finished project.

By signing a contract for salt removal equipment for land use for the first time since Krosys moved to the Busan office, it was an opportunity to once again announce that it is in good health in the onshore market as well as for fresh water generator for ships.