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2020 KOREA OCEAN EXPO ( Anti Rolling Tank: ART )


KROSYS Inc. had participated in the 2020 KOREA OCEAN EXPO held at Convensia in Songdo, Incheon for 3 days from November 11 (Wed) to 13 (Fri), 2020 and had promoted Anti Rolling Tank (ART).

ART is an essential equipment for high-performance ships that install a tank inside the ship and move water inside the tank to provide excellent sideways attenuation performance even at anchor.

In 2020, KROSYS Inc. has acquired the ART business of Pyung Hwa Engineering Co., Ltd. a leading company in the field of ART business.

The ART product of KROSYS Inc. can supply to various sizes from small and medium-sized ships to large ships, and also had promoted its system capable of responding to various and urgent needs of customers such as Korean Coast Guard and Navy.