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Maritime & Safety Equipment 2018


KROSYS had participated to KOREA OCEAN EXPO EXHIBITION be held in the INCHEON SONGDO CONVENSIA from 20. June to 22. June and KROSYS had exhibited the MJP Premium Waterjet Model of main product of MJP.

MJP Premium Waterjet made by duplex stainless steel which is 1.5 times more higher anti-corrosion and strength than SUS316. And also supply the high performance by applying the mixed pump. 

Currently MJP Premium Waterjet has proven the its performance through applyiing on the Korea Navy's Patrol Killer(above 40knots) and Multi-purpose Training Boat, Korea Coast Guard's 500t class guard ship, Ongjin Marine Fishery Resource Monitoring and so on.

Also, KROSYS be expected to growth the business of Korea Navy, Korea Coast Guard and governmental project throucth this participatation of KOREA OCEAN EXPO EXHIBITION